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Session start date Session end date Session Code Session Fee
29/4/19 P1 24
29/4/19 P2 24
29/4/19 P3 24
30/4/19 P4 32
1/5/19 P5 32
1/5/19 P6 24
2/5/18 P7 32

The current term is 5 weeks starting Monday January 9th 2017
Please note that payment is due in full on the first class in the session regardless of how many classes you are able to make.  This ensures your place in the class and is the fairest system for everyone.  If you are unable to attend your normal class for any reason I am happy for you to make it up in another class any time during that 5 week period. 
If you sign up for 2 Pilates classes per week the cost will be 50 for both classes for the 5 week period.
If you pay in advance for 1 Pilates and 1 aerobics class the cost for both classes will be 45 for the 5 week period.
Zumba class :5 pay as you go.
Pay as you go weeks
Start date End date Session Code Session Fee
P2 7.00
          P3 7.00
    P4 7.00
P5 7.00
   P6 6.00
 All weeks A1 5.00
P7 7.00


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